About Us.

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It's Your Family That Makes What We Do, Worth It

Long story short, we love making families happy. We got into this business for the love of doodles, but we stayed in it for the love that we have and continue to have for all of the families that we get the opportunity to work with.

In short...

We Love What We Do.

DoodlesLA has a passion to find the best homes for these joyful and sweet pups. Our unique match-up process reflects just that! Each step of that process is in place to ensure our doodles have the smoothest transition into their fur-ever homes.

Doing what we do, and working with partnered breeders that we have long and trusted relationships with, we find that it gives us the ability to sell year-round while allowing for greater variation in doodles (labradoodles, bernies, goldens, etc.) and keeping the strain off only a few mamas! In doing this, we have created a series of standards across a variety of areas including but not limited to, good health, socialization, and overall incredible personalities – so much so, that each doodle has a 100% temperament guarantee.